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Thanks for a great NOD2018!

Saturday: no-wind, but great apres-sail deck tunes , an absolutely fantastic dinner followed by more live music .... and maybe a cool beverage.

Sunday: those wind-wizards, otherwise known as the best Race Officers on the planet, pull off a set of great races.   

Thanks to all competitors, volunteers the the amazing NSC staff.  NOD literally does not exist without you.

City of Ottawa Parking Tickets!

The City of Ottawa has issued parking tickets to some cars parked on the grass verges of the NSC parking lots, and along the grass on the road leading into NSC.  The club has a City of Ottawa permit for parking in the overflow parking area, on the grass East of the yard entrance.  If you receive a ticket that is in the overflow area, or in one of the NSC parking lots, please send a email with a photo of the ticket and how you were parked to:


Green Regatta Reminders for NOD Competitors

NOD 2018 is aiming for a "Gold" certification with Sailors for the Sea.  All participants are requested to bring refillable water bottles (potable water is on site); to only wash down their boats with water during the regatta; and, to abide by RRS Rule 55 which states in part: "A competitor shall not intentionally put trash in the water."  

NOD 2018 Check-in Dates and Times

As a reminder, all eligible boats for NOD 2018 may register on-line until 2100 hrs June 15, 2018. In addition, in-person registration will be available in the East Room of the Nepean Sailing Club clubhouse on Wednesday, June 13 and Thursday, June 14 from 2000 hrs to 2130 hrs. In person registration will also be available on Friday, June 15 from 1800 hrs to 2100 hrs.

NOD 2018 Needs You!

Our NSC marquee event is fast approaching with more than 80 boats registered in many exciting classes. During the NOD 2018 week-end there will be three race circles with a full complement of officials needed to fill Lac Deschênes and deliver a great racing program.  Interested in joining the cadre of volunteers who make all of this happen?   Please contact NOD 2018 PRO Tom Shenstone at   Prefer to contribute in another way?  Please contact the NOD Chairs at

NOD 2018 is a Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta

NOD 2018  is working hard to be Green!  For the first time, last year’s NOD 2017 achieved a Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta SILVER Certificate rating.  This was due to the great work by the NOD 2017 Green Team and every single competitor and club member making preserving our river environment a priority.  This year, NOD 2018 is aiming to achieve the Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta GOLD Certificate.  As part of this, all NOD 2018 competitors are highly encouraged to bring

NOD 2018 Early Registration Ends 1 June 2018!

There are over 65 boats registered and eight classes have made fleet for NOD 2018 so far.   The fleet cut-off date is 1 June 2018, only 4 days away!  The time is definitely now to rally your fellow One Design sailors and get your registrations in through the NOD website.  Remember, boats registered by 1 June 2018 will enjoy a significant discount!  Please see the Notice of Race (NoR) for NOD 2018 for further details.

NOD 2018 Sponsorship Update

 Nepean One Design 2018 (NOD 2018) is pleased to announce our generous sponsors for this year!  

 Competition Composites Inc. (CCI) has stepped up to be the NOD 2018 PLATINUM level sponsor! In addition to a significant cash contribution, they have donated a beautiful J/24 class-legal CCI-made carbon fiber spinnaker pole which is being offered at a discounted sale price to the J/24 Class.