News Items

NOD Completed for 2019

Thank you all for participating in NOD 2019.  It was a success with the wind being more cooperative that previous years. Congrates to the winners in your class. See you next year.

A huge shout out to all the volunteers. 

Scott, Mike and Vince

Fireballs "make fleet"!

Congratulations to the Fireballs, who just registered their 5th boat, guaranteeing a start at this year's NOD.     So that is seven official fleets for NOD2019.  Time for the Tanzer-22, Martin-16 and 505 classes to step up!

Six days to go until Class Cut-Off.

SHARK'S 'Make Fleet'

Ten days to go before the Class cut-off date  and the SHARK's  'make fleet' for NOD2019.   Congrats to the SHARK class!   Which class will be next?  Dont forget to order your NOD Technical Shirts and T-Shirts at

Shirts are displayed at the NSC Gallery Bar.

Albacores make fleet

It was 13 days to go before the Class cut-off, and three fleets were vying to be the next class to 'make fleet' for NOD2019.   It was the Albacores who crossed that line first.    Congrats to the Albacore class!   Which class will be next?

J24 "make Fleet"!

Well done J24 Fleet. The challange was put forth and you came out on top. Bravo!!

Lets get registered. 19 Days to fleet cut-off. We are not letting the flood stop us...nor should you.

2.4mR "make fleet"!

With only 20 days to go before the Class cut-off, we have 34 boat across 9 classes registered.  The 2.4mR class now has the magic number of 5 boats registered and has officially "made fleet", guaranteeing them a start at this year's NOD.   Which class will be next?  With 4 boats registered the J/24s "should" be, but the Sharks are not far off and could get there next.  (Yes!  It is a competition!)